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Paula & Pól

Yoga Teachers Scotland, UK.

Our Story

We first opened our yoga doors in 2008.

In October 2011 we moved to our current Yoga Studio at 4 Lansdowne Crescent, in the West End of Glasgow. We offer various styles of yoga including Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa Krama & Classical Ashtanga Yoga.

Both Paula & Pól have attained 500 hour advanced teacher training qualifications in addition to many other yoga qualifications through their on-going yoga studies.

We are a Sustainable Business

Our planet is our home and yoga shares an inseparable connection to nature. Within the precepts of yoga we are instructed not to harm anything, whether that be nature or another being, by our words, deeds or actions. We are instructed not to generate our income by hurting or exploiting our environment or another. Yoga for millennia has followed this path and in doing so has led many to live sustainably and in harmony with our planet and all others.

Yoga does not require any input of valuable resources, or any form of exploitation, be that the resources of our planet or the resources of another being. Yoga does not expend any resources or create an output of goods or products from manufacturing – By its nature Yoga Loves our Planet and Environment.

What We use:

We use a little heat and some eco friendly lights and nothing else – The ancient art of Yoga by its nature is sustainable and does not hurt our Beautiful Planet.

What You receive in return:

Yoga removes stress and tension from its practitioners, both from the body and mind – Happy people create a Happy environment upon our Beautiful Planet.

Paula & Pól – 21st December 2021


Yoga Teacher


Principal Yoga Teacher